I am Nels Anderson the Founder and Owner of Fenix Health and Wellness.

7 years ago I weighed 397 pounds suffering from High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea as well as having had two heart stints placed. When I had my second heart episode my cardiologist came in sat on the edge of my bed and asked if I would like to live to see my children Graduate from High School, of course my answer was a definite yes that I certainly would. Sh me directly and very matter of fact and said.” Well if you don’t do something that I would soon be DEAD.

I had lost over 100 pounds on 4 different occasions in my life and knew that I could do it but with the Fear of Death now fresh in my mind I was on a Quest to find a lasting solution.

I went to my local Dr and inquired about Bariatric Surgery, then the cost for the RNY was a mere $27,000 of which my insurance would pay zero. I then went to a family party my sister mentioned traveling to Mexico for Surgery. I had lived in Mexico for Years and traveled there frequently for work and pleasure but had never give even a moments thought of going there for a medical procedure. I went home that night and did an internet search for Medical Tourism, Called the first company that came up in the search and 5 days later I was in Tijuana having the sleeve procedure. 

During the course of the next 14 months I was able to achieve a total weight loss of 237 pounds, discontinue after 2 months the need for my Cpap machine , stop all medications. prescription, as well as over the counter pain medications. Now when I go to the Dr instead of getting a nervous look on their face when the nurse takes my blood pressure they say to me are 

ure that you are alive because your blood pressure is almost low. Additionally instead of shopping in the BIG AND TALL SECTION of a store of which I hated but had no other choice now can shop in the Juniors section and buy anything that is on the rack. My daughter now has to remind me that just because I can fit into anything I have to ask myself is it age appropriate clothing. Shopping is now fun!!!!. 

I was in the beginning ashamed of having had WEIGHTLOSS SURGERY. But after I have seen how it was able to change, and save my life I now tell everyone about it. There is no shame in getting help for something that you could not control and don’t have the tools to deal with in your toolbox of life. 

I began taking friends and family down to Tijuana helping them regain their Health and Wellness. Establishing a relationship with several Drs and Locations in Mexico as well as other procedures not just Bariatric Surgery additionally becoming a partner and CEO of another Medical tourism company over the past 5 years. I have also had extensive Dental work done and have established alliances with only the best most reputable and ethically priced dental professionals within Mexico. I also have had several Stem cell procedures as well as plastics procedures Trying to undo the abuse that I have done to my body over the previous 45 years. 

I have now Established my own company and am uniquely qualified to help you regain the health that you perhaps have never had or perhaps the health that you once had. At FENIX HEALTH and WELLNESS. We will strive everyday to give you the Personal service along with Ethical and Honest Care, to make your experience with us be the Best ,and be better than what you ever imagined. I have a Love for Mexico as well as a Personal Understanding of How Medical Tourism can change and Enhance ones life. LET ME HELP YOU, Gain the Necessary tools to gain control of your weight and to regain your health . At Fenix Health and Wellness we will help you discover and uncover the Beauty within. 

Nels Anderson.

International Director of Client Services

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