We have one of the most renowned centers in the world for pioneering cancer treatment and alternative cancer treatments whose efficacy has been demonstrated for decades. We strive to provide healing through research and review and analysis of the most recent discoveries in oncology.

Offering a range of treatment protocols for cancer with the collective name for Alternative Cancer Treatment Contreras. The Alternative Cancer Treatment Contreras

protocol has a “comprehensive” approach to treating cancer patients from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. The various elements used are:
Treatments aim to work together harmoniously, complementary or synergistic manner to slow or reverse the spread of cancer and both physical and psychological health to
encourage the person.

The protocol Alternative Cancer Treatment Contreras for cancer comprising elements whose purpose is to directly kill cancer cells with other adjunctive measures so that the destruction of the tumor is more effective and can reduce the risk of toxicity to the cells healthy.

Cancer treatments in Step 4 are provided for:

Prostate cancer
Breast cancer
Lung cancer
Leukemia (blood) Melanoma (skin cancer) Ovarian cancer
Colon cancer
Cervical cancer
Bladder cancer
Cancer of the immune system Liver cancer
Thyroid cancer
brain cancer
Bone cancer
Testicular cancer Cancer of the pancreasKidney cancer
Carcinoma (cancer of the stomach) Throat cancer
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Cancer Treatments Stage 4

Using different modalities in treatments for cancer patients in stage 4.

It is said that cancer is stage 4 when it has spread from its origin to distant organs. This advance is also known as metastasis. If there is a single metastasis-which means the cancer has spread only to a specific-place, usually this means that the cancer is no longer curable with the therapies localized as surgery or radiotherapy.

Cancer treatments employ specialized stage 4 for patients suffering metastasis. Protocol Alternative Cancer Treatment Contreras has been tried for decades for cancer patients and this stage 4 treatment remains on average three times more effective than traditional treatments for cancer. Learn more here about our survival rates for stage 4 cancer and life expectancy.

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