Stem Cells

What are they?
Mesenchymal stems are living cells that have the ability to duplicate and transform degenerating tissues and organs of our body that have been damaged by disease, accident, physical wear (high performance athletes) aging cells.

How do they work?
Stem cells can target organs and tissues damaged to stimulate regeneration renewal and increase their performance.

Where are they found?
The mesenchymal stem cells are found in fatty tissue, bone marrow, and the umbilical
cord among other tissues. Autologous stem cells are extracted from the fat tissue of the patient and are processed to separate the fat to reduce any risk of rejection.

Can they cure me?
It is possible to achieve improvement even complete recovery of some pathologies and lesions. We make a personalized analysis to determine the improvement of each patient depending on the type of disease and return the analysis at same time. Cell regeneration can restore the function of organs and tissues achieving a better quality of life.

What benefits do they have?
They can repair different tissues and organs simultaneously. Can regulate the immune system.
No compatibility problems and can be applied to any person.

How is it applied?
Application and dosage are according to the needs, illness or medical condition of each
patient. It is administered via, intra-venous intra-arterial, intra-articular, intra-thecal, or local soft tissue (facial, hair, etc.).

Are there complications or side effects?
Yes, it may cause headache, occasional fever, rash, and tiredness. Many of these side effects may go away within 72 hours and with taking medications such as Tylenol.

Is it safe?
Yes, it is safe. It has been studied that the cells do not cause any harm.
Can I continue my current treatment?
Each patient should continue treatment pre-established by your treating physician and notify you main physician of any treatment.

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