Our bariatric procedures make changes to your stomach or digestive tract that reduces your body’s ability to eat and digest food. We assure you that you will find your ideal weight… hundreds of happy patients back us up.

Plastic Surgery

Count on us and the best specialists to restore and improve your body or correct those irregularities or less desirable body traits. Our treatments include filler injections, botox, laser hair removal, rhinoplasty, liposculpture and many other procedures are available to you.

Dental Treatments

We know how powerful your smile is! That’s why we offer all treatments related to your oral health including exams, fillings, crowns, extractions, implants, and surgery.


Life is full of colors – that’s why we don’t want you to miss them! We can help improve the overall health of your eyes through medicine or laser surgery, as well as diagnose any defects you may have.