Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Excess weight can interfere with every aspect of your daily life and increase your risk of serious health conditions.
Fenix Health and Wellness works with a network of physicians who can perform gastric sleeve surgery, a safe and affordable weight loss treatment.
So why should you choose gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico?

The Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
– Rapid Results
In some cases, patients can reduce their weight by more than half in as little as four to six months.
– Decreased Appetite
During gastric sleeve surgery, the size of your stomach is reduced so you feel fuller quicker and experience less hunger.
– A Safe Option
This technique carries a lower chance of complications than other weight loss treatments.

What Is a Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery (also called a sleeve gastrectomy) involves reducing the size of the stomach to about 15 percent of its original size. When your stomach is smaller, you will feel full after eating less food, and your body will absorb fewer calories. This leads to a healthy rate of dramatic weight loss.
The gastric sleeve procedure is a safe and effective weight loss surgery. In fact, a five-year study conducted by the World Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery found that 98 percent of gastric sleeve recipients showed effective results and zero complications.
Sleeve gastrectomies are performed laparoscopically, so there is minimal scarring. During the surgery, the bariatric surgeon will remove stomach tissue and staple the remaining tissue shut so that it forms the shape of a tube, or “sleeve.”

Why to Choose Fenix Health and Wellness for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
– Safety
Patients traveling from abroad can rest assured that Fenix Health and Wellness has coordinated countless bariatric procedures that meet rigorous safety expectations. The hospital where your procedure will be performed meets U.S. standards and is equipped with advanced medical technology.
– Affordability
Bariatric surgery in Mexico, is a fraction of the cost of surgery in the United States. Traveling to Mexico allows you to save thousands of dollars while still receiving the same level of care from highly trained bariatric surgeons.
– Convenience
Fenix Health and Wellness is happy to provide patients with a comprehensive medical tourism package. We will arrange for your transportation from the airport to the medical facility and back again, as well as your stay in the hotel during your recovery.

Curious about Gastric Sleeve? Reach Out Today

If you’ve tried to lose weight through diet and exercise but you’re not seeing the results you need, it may be time to consider bariatric surgery. The network of doctors coordinating with Fenix Health and Wellness produces life-changing results for patients every day in Mexico. The doctors within the preferred provider network perform a variety of weight loss procedures, including gastric bypass and lapband surgery, but our most popular offering is the gastric sleeve.
The gastric sleeve is so popular because it’s a relatively straightforward procedure that enables patients to experience dramatic, long-term weight loss in less than a year.

Qualifications for Gastric Sleeve Surgery
– Age
Patients must be over the age of 18 to undergo gastric sleeve surgery.
You must have a BMI of 40 or more, or have a BMI over 30 with severe comorbidities.
– Failed Diet & Exercise
Before trying surgery, you should have exhausted attempts to lose weight with diet and exercise.

How Does Sleeve Gastrectomy Work? A Treatment Timeline
– Administering Anesthesia
At the beginning of your surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia so you will be totally unconscious throughout the procedure.
– Creating Incisions
The surgeon will make a single small incision in the abdomen to access the stomach.
– Inserting the Laparoscope
The surgeon will insert the laparoscope and other surgical devices through the incision.
– Removing Tissue
The surgeon will cut and remove up to 85 percent of your stomach tissue.
– Shaping the Stomach
The surgeon will shape the remaining stomach tissue into an oblong tube or sleeve shape. The new, smaller stomach is securely sealed with staples.
– Closing the Incisions
The surgeon will remove the surgical tools and stitch the incision shut.

Gastric Sleeve Recovery
After gastric sleeve surgery, you will need to remain in the hospital for two nights so that you have medical staff on hand to monitor and assist you as needed. Additionally, you will need to undergo some post-operative testing before you are discharged. Your diet will be limited to liquids for the first two weeks but will gradually integrate soft foods, then solids. However, it is important to remember to only eat the small quantities of foods recommended by your doctor.
The first few weeks should be focused on resting, but you will need to walk around to discourage blood clots. After about a month, increasing your activity level will likely be approved. Over the next few months, you will gradually increase your exercise routine. Depending on the type of work you do, you may be able to return to work after a week or two. However, some patients require up to four to six weeks off.

Long-Term Weight Loss Success Depends on Your Commitment
After any weight loss surgery patients will naturally experience some weight loss. However, to keep the weight off and continue to lose it at a healthy rate, patients need to commit to:
– Eating a Healthy Diet
– Leading an Active Lifestyle
– Following the Doctor’s Instructions

The nutritionist and the post-operative care physician are essential to your post-op success. They will provide you with a nutritional plan that is tailored to you and your weight loss goals, as well as specific lifestyle instructions.
Once you have returned home from Mexico, it is important that you follow up with your physician around three months after the surgery.

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